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Prevent Oral Health Problems

You and your family can enjoy bright, white, healthy smiles every day with Glister® toothpaste and these other Glister® products!

Every day, a sticky film of food and bacteria, called plaque, builds on teeth. This plaque produces acids that can dissolve tooth enamel and inflame gums, leading to decay. You can help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease by cleaning away plaque each day.

Glister® products are designed to work together to help prevent dental decay and disease that can adversely affect your overall health and wellness. 

Revitalize Your Look

The SATINIQUE® Collection forges a link between health, beauty, and hair with revolutionary new formulas that fortify from root to tip. Infused with exclusive ENERJUVE™ Complex, and signature botanical blends and nutrients, our scientifically advanced systems care, treat, and style to energize and elevate the look of hair to its fullest potential.

The exclusive ENERJUVE™ Complex – a patented, positively charged complex of strengthening lipids, reinforcing creatine, and smoothing 18-MEA – works three ways to correct the negative charge found in damaged hair. It penetrates the hair follicle, selectively binds to damaged areas, and rebuilds weak spots to repair and revitalize from the inside out.

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